About AdiOre

AdiOre is the inspirational story of Tal and Michael, two great friends reunited to find their perfect passion: to create immaculate hand-crafted jewelry unique to their experiences and skills.

These friends are exceptional jewelry designers who sought the far-flung wonders of the world, their talents enabling them to pursue their dreams to design jewelry as a way to fund their adventures. Their paths would take them across Asia, each to a different destination, each place with its exciting styles and cultures.

Tal's journey took him first through Asia where he learned the art and crafts of traditional jewelry and lapidary while setting up his first workshop on a lush tropical island off the Thai coast, creating silver designs with local shells, before returning to Europe to further define his style.

Michael had always been eager to explore the artistic mysteries hidden amid the mountains, islands and valleys of Japan, his desire to embrace the complexities of intricate design drawing inspiration from this ancient civilization, encapsulating the concentrated detail of their craft in his own art.

In time yet far apart, both friends excelled in their skills, creating two successful businesses on either side of the world, ‘til one day, destiny intervened to afford these two learned colleagues an opportunity to work together to present the most precious stones amid the most beautiful settings.

Through their shared intelligence, honed over years from all the corners of the globe, they rapidly improved their production techniques, implementing each other's priceless insights and in turn, increasing quality and reducing overheads in readiness for the fulfillment of their ultimate goal...

Procuring the world's most precious gems and using only the finest materials, their mutual appreciation of rare and beautiful stones gave birth to a unique look that is enriching the jewelry market with something that it has long longed for – A NEW LOOK.

Originality in the realms of lapidary is often as rare and as precious as the stones themselves, yet with the wisdom and engineering gifted into every collection, the combined endeavors of these two master craftsmen to present a series of inspirational pieces is now about to be realized, an investment that is set to redefine the rules of jewelry, offering an original and delectable alternative to the staid mainstream department store market, incorporating a freedom of design unseen until now...

The final stone to be set on this adventure is the appointment of a young visionary, someone close to the local communities with an expert understanding of modern commerce, able to trade in multiple languages and secure the best environment for the global network built around this exciting enterprise. Both partners agreed the perfect person for the job was Michael's son, Dvir.

Dvir grew up in Thailand, often alongside his father in his youth as they searched for hidden minerals together, learning everything about the nature of stones and of geology, gaining an understanding of the Earth and how it works, taking this ethos into the essence of the industry as he implements this unique brand from the ground up, setting up a product development and media center in Jerusalem a customer care center in Miami and a focal boutique in Bangkok, but it is from AdiOre values tradition over technology, something close to Dvir's heart at the main creative center on the beautiful island of Ko Mak, where he takes great pride in maintaining ancient techniques, cultivated over generations, aiding the preservation of indigenous art and craft-work that industrial manufacture too often overlooks, securing a spiritual imprint on every collection these two architects of precious gems are able to create.


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